With ubbe, you can unify your shipping process and activities on one system.


Enjoy a dashboard view of shipping options and prices, with 7 days a week Logistic Support.

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Small, but mighty. You don't have to be a corporate giant to start shipping like one.

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Ship anything, anywhere, with full control of every detail right at your fingertips.

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Find and choose the right carrier quicker.
Do you feel locked into multiple websites, phone calls or carrier-specific software? Maximize your time and efficiencies using the Quick Quote feature. ubbe links your carriers and ours into one system — establishing and extending your carrier and delivery network.

Unify your shipping processes on one system.
Are you spending too much time on carrier and data management? No more manual steps like tracking your invoices. With ubbe, you can access, track and consolidate all your shipping invoices, packing labels and more in one spot—electronically.

Improve your competitiveness and revenue.
Have you been in a situation when you feel, “only if I had the right information”? No more after-the-fact realizations. ubbe's Dashboard gives you visibility into your freight spend, and activities giving you opportunities to consolidate shipments, increase asset utilization and more.

ubbe streamlines the complexities of shipping. Start using ubbe to fuel your success.

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